Thursday, March 15, 2012

new arrival

It's here - it's finally here! My piano has arrived and I am beyond excited about it! When I was really young, my parents surprised me and my siblings by trading in our old piano (which we all played at the time) for a beautiful, upgraded Yamaha. It was - and still is - in stellar condition. Because I was the only one who kept playing and took my music to the professional level, it was only fitting that the piano go to me. My parents always told me that it was mine whenever I was ready for sweet :)

I was planning to wait until we moved so that we would have sufficient space for it, but my parents are renovating their home and the piano was either going to storage or coming to my house. That was an easy decision! After taking some serious measurements and adjusting the dining room furniture just a bit, we were ready for the new arrival. It's as if the piano was meant for this space all along.

I'm not the only one excited to play...

Friday, March 9, 2012

February in a nutshell

I'm such a bad blogger. No excuse. Well, honestly, yes - February was craziness. My husband and son both have birthdays that follow Valentines day, so the planning was a bit excessive. Additionally, we had some family from out of town who stayed with us for a few days. All in all, it was a great, but very busy month!

Speaking of my sons birthday, he turned 3 on February 28th. I still remember that beautiful day....ahhh, time goes by so fast! Anyway, remember way back when, when I talked about doing a sweet shop party? Well, I did just that. It wasn't extravagant or anything, but it turned out pretty special and all the kids had a great time. I do think next time I'll offer a disclaimer to moms: warning: your children WILL eat too much candy and they WILL have an extreme sugar high and you may NOT ask me to babysit directly following the event ;)

here are some pics of our little gathering:

Lincoln and his friend, Tyler, hugging it out

A very special gift...something having to do with Cars :)

Here is our dessert table...
The "ice cream cones" are actually cupcakes baked into the cone. It was the absolute best idea for the entire party. It was so easy for all the kids to handle without the help of their parents and without the mess of actual ice cream. They loved it and it was entirely too easy! My inspiration? Betty Crocker

Lincoln received a very special gift from his Grandpa Steve who was visiting from Florida! To say he was spoiled is a serious understatement!

What does this month hold? Stay tuned...we are looking to move and have other exciting plans in the works!